Family reunion residence permit

Family reunion residence permit How long it takes? 1-3 months
How long it takes?1-3 months

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We are happy to help with your family reunion. 

Our company covers end to end process for families, who seeks new home in Slovakia. 

From A to Z

Family reunion residence permit From A to Z

We cover end-to-end process:

  • preparing all documents for foreign police / consulate
  • application at foreign police
  • translation service
  • registration at Health insurance company
  • assistance at medical examination
  • assistance at banks
  • driving licence application in Slovakia
  • accounting & legal service
  • renewal of permit

Who is eligible for family reunion permit

Temporary residence for the purpose of family reunion may be granted to a foreign national who is:

• a family member of a foreign national with temporary or permanent residence, 

•  direct-line relative in ascending order of an asylum holder younger than 18 years of age or

• a dependant person according to an International Treaty.

Family member shall mean:

• spouses, if they reached 18 years of age

• a single child younger than 18 years of age, of a foreign national or his/her spouse,

• a dependent child older than 18 years of age, of a foreign national or his/her spouse, unable to take care of himself/herself due to a long-term unfavourable health condition,

• a parent of a foreign national or his/her spouse who is dependent on his/her care and lacks appropriate family support in the country of origin.