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Buy company How long it takes? from 8 to 25 days
How long it takes?from 8 to 25 days

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Do you need to start your business urgently? Do not waste your time and buy already established ready made company. 

Or if your scope of business require accounting history or years at commercial register, we offer you companies which were active during past years.


Newly established companies, the so-called ready-made LLCs have never been economically active. They are registered for income tax and none VAT payers. If you wish to register for VAT, we can provide this service for you. Our company is the 100% shareholder.

The companies with history have balanced liabilities and assets, some are not economically active for a longer period, and have paid all taxes. Liability of executive directors and members for the debts incurred prior to company transfer is assured and it increas comfort of your purchase.


Do you posses company and do not wish to continue your business in Slovakia? Offer your company to us.

From A to Z

Buy company From A to Z
  • we offer every type of company - LLC, SE, PLC, with or without economic history, VAT or none VAT payer
  • bespoke changes at commercial register
  • professional consultation and information of the selling company prior to sale. You will be able to see accouting documents, proof of no tax liabilities, no overpending payments to suppliers, insurance companies, etc. 
  • our service include change of the business name, business address, shareholders, executives, extend or narrow your scope of business
  • we also provide you ongoing accounting service for your purchased company with tax advisory

Ready made companies

  • already incorporated in commercial register
  • issued trade licences for most common scope of business
  • registered for income tax
  • none economic history
  • equity capital paid in full

Price includes:

  • extension or narrowing scope of business - unregulates trades are free of charge, regulated trades and crafts are at 7,5 EUR each
  • alternation of executive, sharholders
  • change of business name, address
  • court fee