Do you need VISA to enter the Slovakia?

Foreigners who want to enter Schengen Area Member State  have an obligation to submit the application for Visa  at local competent Embassy or Consulate of Slovak republic accredited for the country where the applicant resides or the country of his citizenship. The visa application must be submitted in person and it should not be submitted earlier than 3 months prior to the planned trip to Slovakia. Visa allows its holder to stay in Schengen area during the period of validity of Visa. Visa is granted into the passport in form of a sticker where you can find the period of stay and validity of Visa.

The type of Visa which you need depends on purpose of your journey:

Visa type C- allows its holder to enter the Schengen Area Member States ( 25 states). The length of residence in the Schengen Area based on this type of visa may not exceed 90 days within any 180-days period. It may be issued for one or more entries.

Visa type A – airport transit Visa. Allows its holder to pass through the international transit area

Visa type D – is granted in connection with Slovak residence permit

Visa application must contain purpose and circumstances of journey. The claim to enter the schengen is not automatic. It is possible that you will have to provide some information about your journey during border checks ( for example information about your financial situation). The statutory period for decision on the visa application is 15 calendar days besides the countries which are parties of Agreements about simplification of procedure of getting Visa ( for example Russia , Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina)  where the period is 10 days from the date of acceptance of complete visa application.  Citizens of Albania, Montenegro, Ukraine and Macedonia do not have obligation to have Visa in case they are holders of biometrics passports.

Visa application must be signed by applicant.