About us

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We value long-term clients

We are pleased that our statistics showed that half of our cases come from long-term clients.

This brings you both financial and time benefits.

Each of our existing clients have their own file, which stores all its data and cases. You can simply pick up the phone and tell us what they need. Within a day you will find requested documents in your email inbox.

Last but not least are our regular customers are provided with 10% discount on our services.

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6 years on market

It has been more then 6 years, since we opened our shop. Throught those years, we have served more then 300 clients with more then 1500 cases.

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Team of professionals

Attorneys, tax advisors, auditors - there are all part our our team. We cover all business areas with our team of professionals. 

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Creativity is important

Working with goverment authorities can be very challenging and one must be very creative and ethusiastic to endure.

We don´t like to say that somthing cannot be done. We like to think out of the box and help client to succeed with his business plan.

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Willingness is must

We value every client. His problems are not only another case on a table, but we try to look at it as our own problem.